Wintry but not bleak

Extreme cold warnings greeted the New Year in Toronto. A record low temperature was recorded on January 5, a frigid -23C (that’s -9.4F). I’m happy to say that I was there to experience such a newsworthy occasion during my stay over the Christmas and New Year holidays.

Here are photos I took on that very day, January 5, 2018, witnessing an awesome sunrise over Lake Ontario. Wintry but not bleak:


Sunrise over Lk Ontario Jan 5.jpg


Inside it’s always warm. And on a cold day, looking out the window can be a meditative respite:



Artist and writer William Kurelek (1927-1977) knew how to find pleasure in the cold. Why of course, he was born in Alberta, and spent his childhood years on the prairies:



As well, Shelley’s positivism is always a boost for me. No need to wait for the groundhog. “O Wind, If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?”

No matter what the weather, it can still be it a worthwhile year.




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If she’s not birding by the Pond, Arti’s likely watching a movie, reading, or writing a review. Creator of Ripple Effects, bylines in Asian American Press, Vague Visages, Curator Magazine.

14 thoughts on “Wintry but not bleak”

  1. Lovely! We are hoping for spring — and actually, we might get a sneak preview if the weather folk this time around are accurate — we may be at 42 by midweek! I won’t hold my breth but it sure would be a nice change of pace from the sub-zero temps! I hope you’ll share more of your Toronto trip! Welcome back home!


    1. Jeanie,

      Yes, Toronto has its attractions, but this time the weather definitely isn’t. However, spending time with loved ones overrides all inconveniences. And as this first post of the new year shows, we may get bitter cold, the picture can be beautiful. πŸ™‚


    1. Denise,

      Yes, I just used my iPhone, the Panorama mode to take them. As for Mudbound, I’m glad you’ve enjoyed it. I think it just got slighted in this Awards Season.


    1. Ellen,

      And I thought Calgary is cold during winter, compared to TO, it’s balmy here. Well, as they say, just wait 5 mins. So, we’re getting some cold weather today. But then it will be all better by the weekend.


  2. Though we’re having “real winter” here this year, it’s nothing compared to what you’ve experienced. I have seen snow, and sleet, though — and one day I actually found icicles hanging here and there. Tomorrow, another front will roll through, and we’ll be back below freezing. But there’s a real upside to it — when the humidity drops and the wind blows away any pollution, even here in the city we can see the constellations, the planets, and the milky way. If it’s not TOO cold this weekend, I may find a spot even farther outside town to do a little stargazing. Then, I’ll come home and look out the window!

    I saw that Kurelek painting recently. Is that the one that sold for a substantial sum recently? I do enjoy his work — I’m glad you introduced me to him.


    1. Linda,

      I thought of you when I saw the three Kurelek paintings at the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto. So I conducted the covert task to take a pic and share it here with you. πŸ™‚ As for the weather, can you imagine -40C temp. (including windchill that is)? BTW, it’s exactly -40F. That’s what we’ve been getting these couple of days. However, it will get back up to 2C tomorrow. That’s Calgary for you.


  3. Beautiful image, Arti. I’m glad you are cozy indoors for those record temps. What a fun Kurelek painting πŸ™‚ We have record temps in the other direction. After the rain last week, I’ve had to turn the watering system back on.


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