How Many Weeks Till Spring?

Who’s counting?

We’re having fun and really, enjoying ourselves.





DSC_0810 (1).jpg

Indeed, considering the flooding problems some of you face south of the 49th, I’ve come to appreciate our snow, and the never-ending winter.

Here, makes me think of a Bruegel painting of winter scene, except replace the people with ducks and geese:

DSC_0824 (1).jpg


DSC_0828 (1).jpg



Until then, we persevere.






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15 thoughts on “How Many Weeks Till Spring?”

  1. Lovely shots- they make winter look not so bad 🙂 I love using Pieter Bruegel’s winter paintings when the kids are learning to draw trees- you make a great comparison that I wouldn’t have thought of!

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  2. Beautiful cold scenes! You must have shoes and outerwear fit for the cold which is good. Did you have to pull your hands out of gloves to take these photos? Have a good week ahead and come quickly Spring! 🙂

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  3. We don’t have those ducks with the fancy white patches — at least, I’ve never seen them that I know of. They do look like they’re having a fine time. I have to keep reminding myself that just because I’m cold, the birds are naturally outfitted for such weather. As long as they have some open water, and something to eat, it’s all good!

    We’re moving into spring, and the flowers are beginning to emerge. I’d take colder temperatures just to get rid of the fog and clouds — it has been a little gloomy. But things will change, as they always do. Happy change of seasons to you!


    1. Those are Common Goldeneyes. Common here like Mallards. We are far from spring. Temperatures below average, -13C now as I write. When I see flood pictures in some and as you mentioned fog and cloud in your area, and I’m sure very humid, I’m glad we are having dry snow. Yes, the snow is dry and you can just dust them off your head or overcoat. I got snow inside my boots as I treaded in deep snow. They dried out in no time.

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      1. We always called that dry snow “powder.” Wet snow was good for snowballs and forts; the dry for snowshoeing and sledding. The powder would have been good for skiing, too, but we were a little short on hills!

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  4. In Southern California they are already talking about drought again. Not a good topic for us because it almost always leads to wildfires, then mudslides, etc. However, for the past week the mornings have been hovering around 35 degrees which is cool by our standards. No rain though.


  5. Look at those fabulous blue skies! Those are some happy ducks and they look pretty darned jolly. Or maybe they’re just playing around to keep warm! We’re in the thaw again and have been but I suspect it’ll turn cold later this week. It’s always something!


    1. Actually I haven’t been to the woods all winter. This is the first time I ventured out cause I thought it’s almost March, even though the temps. still below average. Yes, we can have beautiful blue sky with -20’s temps!


  6. I’m PERFECTLY happy to view streams edged in ice from the comfort of my SoCal “winter”. Having lived here most of my life, Jan/Feb is spring for us. I mean, there’s sun and rain (some years) and everything greens up. That’s spring isn’t it?

    But your well-acclimated ducks look like they are loving those blue skies while they romp and snack. I especially like that last shot with the duck that seems to be waving at the photographer 🙂


    1. Thanks for noticing that duck. Yes looks like she was waving at me. That pic was taken far away, so a bit blurry. Thinking of your roses in Dec and Jan it sure looks like you have summer all year round. 🙂


  7. We’ve had snow in the UK this week and we’re all feeling very sorry for ourselves/excited at the possibility of time off work. Meanwhile, Polish colleagues at work are talking about how it goes down to -14 in Poland. It has to be said that our snow scenes can’t compare with yours!


    1. From the news I learn you’re having very rough weather. Hope all’s well with you and yours. It’s March already, spring can’t be too far away. 🙂


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