Saturday Snapshot August 25: Fifth Blogiversary

Five years ago in this last week of August I started Ripple Effects on WordPress. I still remember that first prompting from my son that I should start a blog.

“What’s that?” I asked.

I just can’t capture all that have come along since then.

To all of you who have visited, subscribed, followed, read, commented, and shown your support and encouragement in ways you might not have realized, I thank you all.

Here’s a cup of latte to celebrate and a teaser: How do you drink the latte without disturbing the beautiful foam art on top?

Well, it was pure serendipity that I managed to do just that. This is the photo during that occasion. I only have the ‘Before’ but not thought of taking an ‘After’ shot. But trust me, it wasn’t a mirage when I got near to the bottom of the cup.

What did I do? I was chatting away with a friend for maybe 10 minutes before I started sipping it slowly. By that time the top foam had been cooled down a bit and slightly ‘dried’. Disclaimer: I haven’t tested it again, but I will. Just to see if it really wasn’t a mirage that I saw.

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