Saturday Snapshot Sept. 28: Wabi-Sabi (2)

The June flood in Southern Alberta has turned out to be the costliest natural disaster in Canadian history according to the Insurance Bureau of Canada.

To continue with the Wabi-Sabi idea, here is another set of photos. Again, in the midst of ruins, weeks after the flood, I took in these sights…

Along the debris-filled, muddy shore of the river:

Muddy shoreA sandpiper lightly skimmed over:

Sandpiperthen took flight:

Sandpiper takes flightA butterfly playing in the sand:

Butterfly on the sandy shore another resting on the rocks:

butterflySome creative souls had even left impromptu monuments:

Monument 1

monumnetA tribute to quiet beauty among torrents of destruction.

Wabi-sabi… beauty in ruins.


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Saturday Snapshot April 13: Bohemian Waxwings in Flight, Defying Grey

I had the chance to see the elusive Bohemian Waxwings converge in the past weeks. Now they are gone. From afar, they may evoke images from a Hitchcock movie:

Flocks of Bohemian Waxwings

But just a closer look would change your view… Avian Cirque du Soleil, acrobats of the sky:

Avian Cirque du soleil

Or… flight aesthetics, mesmerizing to behold:

Avian Aesthetics

I would have wanted a clear blue sky. But the grey offers a deeper fascination. These energetic Waxwings seem to defy the overcast dreariness, exuding a spirit and an aesthetics that colour cannot bring.


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