The June flood in Southern Alberta has turned out to be the costliest natural disaster in Canadian history according to the Insurance Bureau of Canada.

To continue with the Wabi-Sabi idea, here is another set of photos. Again, in the midst of ruins, weeks after the flood, I took in these sights…

Along the debris-filled, muddy shore of the river:

Muddy shoreA sandpiper lightly skimmed over:

Sandpiperthen took flight:

Sandpiper takes flightA butterfly playing in the sand:

Butterfly on the sandy shore another resting on the rocks:

butterflySome creative souls had even left impromptu monuments:

Monument 1

monumnetA tribute to quiet beauty among torrents of destruction.

Wabi-sabi… beauty in ruins.


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All photos on this post taken by Arti of Ripple Effects,
August, 2013. Do not copy or reblog.