Reading, Writing, and the Gender Issue

With all these posts lately about Jane Austen on Ripple Effects, Arti feels there is a need for an erratum.  Before the comedy of errors gets to Austenesque proportion, and considering Arti’s minute talent in writing such that there being no aspiration to become a modern day George Eliot, a major confession is called for here:  Arti is A Lady.

At first when I started Ripple Effects, I thought that the name “Arti” is neutral enough like “Les”, “Chris”, or “Alex”.  I subscribe to the ideal that great literature and good writing is gender neutral, by this I mean their relevance and significance surpass the boundaries of gender to reach the universal, be it the work of Jane Austen or George Orwell.   And, laying aside the gender issue, good books deserve to be read.  The novels of Jane Austen come to mind.  The gender of a writer should not be an impediment if the writing speaks to all.  Arti proceeded to write all reviews and articles based on this premise, attempting to strive, albeit remotely, towards this ideal.

I hope the disclosure of Arti’s gender does not diminish readers’ enjoyment of Ripple Effects.  Definitely, Arti does not want to be accused of carrying a concealed weapon, or acting as an undercover agent when it comes to the battle of the sexes.  So here I am, coming out with both hands up in the air.

As readers can quickly observe, Ripple Effects encompasses not only Austen, or just books.  But because Arti is endowed with only 24 hours in a day,  wherein a few have to be allotted to that essential yet elusive activity called sleep, there is just not enough time to see all the many exciting worlds Arti would like to explore.  To alleviate this deficiency,  Arti visits other people’s blogs to quench the thirst.  I thank you all for transporting me to those worlds in this great blogosphere of ours.

In between visits,  Arti will continue to plow through neutral grounds to learn the art and craft of reading, writing, watching, and gleaning the worthy ones to review.

(Visual:  Le Blanc Seing by René Magritte)

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If she’s not birding by the Pond, Arti’s likely watching a movie, reading, or writing a review. Creator of Ripple Effects, bylines in Asian American Press, Vague Visages, Curator Magazine.

8 thoughts on “Reading, Writing, and the Gender Issue”

  1. Hello Arti, Most excellent news!! if “A Lady” was good enough for Jane Austen (among others), it is certainly good enough for your great ramblings, and the illustration is perfect. Thank you for sharing…(i confess to not being surprised!)
    Janeite Deb

    …mmm… I must have dropped some hints somewhere… Anyway, good guess!



  2. Don’t know where I picked it up on your blog, or maybe from Ms. Place (Vic) who admires your blog greatly by the way, but I was pretty confident that you ‘was’ a lady! Thanks for clarification. But what prompted his outing?

    Cheers, LA

    It’s when I see the other possessive pronoun in links… But just the same, nothing has changed for me… BTW, I must congratulate you and Vic on a great October month of events!



  3. Arti – you’re one gifted, talented lady with substance.

    I always enjoy your style of writing & reviews. Thanks.

    You’re too kind… thanks for visiting.



  4. I confess that did I think you might be a man from your name, but I mostly focused on your very perceptive and empathetic nature and the fact that we like a huge number of the same movies and books. (I’m crazy about 99 percent of your subject tags, for example.) I’m glad to have found you.

    Hi Cathy, after writing more than 110 posts on my blog, I just feel that a little more self-disclosure could enhance the reading pleasure of my readers. You never know, there might be more ‘confessions’ in the days ahead. Thanks for reading!



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