Another Proust Read-Along

… as if we’re not busy enough?

Truth is, reading Proust calms me down. Maybe because I’ve to slow down, really slow down, to savor, and decipher. These two have become a fused enjoyment for me while reading Vol. 1 of In Search of Lost Time, Swann’s Way.

After finishing that, I quickly ordered the next volume Within a Budding Grove, but have since put it aside… until now, thanks to Bellezza of Dolce Bellezza, who read Vol. I with me. She’s right, of course, as she wrote on her invitation post for Vol. II:

‘No one should read Proust alone.”

So here we are, embarking on another Proust Read-Along, In Search of Lost Time Vol. II, Within A Budding Grove.

Within A Budding Grove Modern Library

Yes, this is a slow read, as always on Ripple Effects. We plan to finish and post our thoughts on November 30. I just might add in a mid-way post around end of October.

You are invited to join us for another slow and enjoyable ride.

If quantifying makes it easier to grasp, counting the days in October and November, and the 730 pages in my Modern Library Classic edition, you only need to read about 12 pages every day. A very doable plan.

Those of you who have read it all… how about a re-read now?


First Post for Vol. II:

Half Way Through A Budding Grove

My posts on Vol. I, Swann’s Way:

Part 1: Combray (my ‘Freshly Pressed’ post)

Wrap-up: The Swann and Gatsby Foil


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17 thoughts on “Another Proust Read-Along”

  1. Greatly anticipating this read together, Arti. It is just the thing I need to slow me down, center my thoughts, focus on the details instead of the overwhelming Gestalt. Thanks for the invitation! XO


    1. Bellezza,

      Thanks for doing this with me. If not for your saying ‘go ahead’, I would have just left it on the TBR pile until who knows when. Looking forward to this experience! 😉


  2. Count me in. I am anticipating this read along as well. I’ll get a copy this week. (Can you believe I made Madeleines this weekend? I haven’t made them in a few years, but just felt the urge. Must have been a “Proustian” anticipation!)


    1. Grad,

      How I wish we’re a ‘real life’ reading group so we can actually eat Madeleines dipped in tea as we share our thoughts… Great to have you join us Grad! You’re welcome to share in the half-way mark, posting, say Oct. 30. The final post where everyone would wrap up is November 30. Looking forward to our virtual ‘Proustian party’. 😉


  3. I love the idea of a read-a-long and when I do finally indulge Proust, I will certainly join you, it might be when you are nearer volume V or VI for me 🙂 In the meantime it’s half a chapter a night of Barry Lopez and the muskoxen and polar bears for me.


    1. Claire,

      I’m sure you’ll have lots of fun too with your reading. I do hope we can read together some other time, maybe on another book if not Proust.


  4. I would join you but my plate is full for October. When you get to Guermantes Way though, count me in. Do you have an idea at all when that might be so I can keep it in mind and not load myself up?


    1. Stefanie,

      LOL! I don’t have any plans at all… just doing this month to month and volume to volume. Don’t even know if I’ll go ahead and continue after Vol. II But I’ll try to let you know as soon as I’ve got the urge and the will to go on to the next volume, I believe that’s Guermantes Way… 😉


  5. Hmm…I’ve never read Proust before. I would have to wait, sadly, until my next paycheck to order it, though, so I’d be a little behind… Perhaps I’ll participate, anyway!


    1. Ren,

      You’re most welcome to join us if you are able to catch up. But then again, one shouldn’t speed read Proust. I’m sure you’ll want to slow down and savor. And… I’m sure you can borrow from the library or even read online, but you’d want your own copy to keep, mark down quotes, highlight and underline. 😉


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