The Outsider Visualized

Just finished rereading Albert Camus’s The Outsider (or, The Stranger, L’Étranger). For some reasons, I find these two photos which I took late last fall well represent my thoughts. Words may come later in another post; until then, these visuals will suffice.

The Outsider 2

IMG_3400 (1)


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8 thoughts on “The Outsider Visualized”

  1. Great novel. I love existentialist literature, that and Kafka’s Trial. Just another day someone reminded me of the Italian-produced movie “The Stranger” (1967) with Marcello Mastroianni. I have to watch it.


    1. dbmoviesblog,

      Reading it this time makes me think of Michel in Bresson’s Pickpocket. But that film is more akin to Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment. I haven’t seen the Italian film, now I must try to find it. You may be interested in my post comparing Pickpocket and Drive.

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    1. Michelle,

      I wonder why I suddenly picked this up again lately, maybe I miss all the old films, with more substance, quests for meaning. Bresson, Ozu … I don’t have the words yet, or if they’d come. It’s a coincidence that I was going through my recent photos and found these two just after I finished this book.


  2. I am embarrassed to say that I have never read this. But the photos are striking. I find a bit of a chill going through me as I look at the first. Cold and lonely, with even the gradual incline seeming more insurmountable than it might on a lovely, colorful summer or fall day when energy seems boundless, no matter how high the hill. I love the textures in the fallen log. Even without knowing the book I get a feeling — right or wrong — of how it might affect me.


    1. Jeanie,

      This is a college read, my own back in the old days, and yes, more recently, my son’s. You know, I’ve a whole book shelf of textbooks which my son has brought back home and use my place for his storage. So all his textbooks and prof. written volumes of course materials are stored right here… literature, philosophy and history (his major). I’m a ‘privileged parent’ you can say.This is one title from his Existentialism course.


  3. Ah, Camus. Existentialism. Black berets and cigarettes. Coffee. Lots of coffee. It was the late 60s, and we all caught existentialism like the measles. 🙂

    I really like the second photo. I can imagine some little creature tucked up into the log, cozy and safe on such a gloomy day.


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