Saturday Snapshot May 30: Of Birds and Men

Living adjacent to a Provincial Park, I’m always amazed at how tolerant and adaptable the birds are towards our human intrusions. Birds and men co-exist considerably well in my neck of the woods:


There’s even a vague resemblance between birds and man-made structures like in this photo, The Great Blue Heron and the Light Post:

GBH and the Light Post

And then there are the Canada Geese, who aren’t shy and actually quite imposing, never observe right of way’s, and never keep their voices down in public places. Since some of you in response to my previous Saturday Snapshot post were surprised that Canada Geese nest in tree trunks, here are a couple more photos for you. People just walk or bike by below these trees, as the Geese give birth to their young just above their heads; no, not in the water. How can you build a nest in the water anyway?

From afar, the Goose at her nest:

Canada Goose Nesting

At the doorstep:

Can Goose

Of course, you’ll see them in the water once the Goslings are big enough. Here is a family outing:

Geese Family

Goslings and mom


4 Gosslings

Here’s a picture of co-existence in harmony… the sailboat was in close proximity to the Geese family, yet both parties took a nonchalant attitude, doing their own thing:


Of Men and Geese


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Saturday Snapshot Feb. 7: Who’s Afraid of A Little Cold?

Dawn broke cold and misty. At -17C (0F) one would not expect too much activity in the early morning hour. So you can see I was surprised by this large gathering of Canada Geese. There must be a couple hundreds of them.

Dawn broke cold

Nothing has been added to these photos. I quite like the natural sepia look as the sun slowly broke through the mist and heavy clouds.

Can Geese

As I approached nearer, the more insecure ones started to fly away. But there were those who sat tight. Come what may, they enjoyed their hub in the frigid water.

Can Geese 2

Can Geese 4My fingers were frozen stiff and I could feel the intense pain, but I stayed still, seizing the moment. Glad too that they didn’t treat me as an intruder, just another creature more vulnerable to the cold, couldn’t fly or wouldn’t get into the water, totally harmless.

Canada Geese

Thanks pals, for the photo op.

Can Geese 3


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Photos taken by Arti of Ripple Effects.




Spring Babies and Parenting Styles

I’ve been following this Great Horned Owl family for a few months now. At first I only spotted Papa, later I found Mama nesting nearby, now the two Owlets had come out too. Here’s my recent visit, the first Owlet I saw:

Owlet 1

Here’s the second one. Took me some time to spot:

Owlet 2

I didn’t have the chance to take a family photo, since each of them was on different branches, two adults and two young ones, but never far from each other though. Here you can see one parent (not sure if it’s Mom or Dad) keeping an eye on the owlet from a distance. Can you spot them both?

Parent Owl and Owlet

I love this… staying together, but also giving each other room.


Here’s a family photo I did manage to take, albeit from afar. Two Canada Geese with their Goslings close by:

Canada Geese with Goslings

Ah… the different parenting styles.


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Saturday Snapshot Sept. 29: Canada Geese

While I was birdwatching this week, I saw a flock of Canada Geese fly overhead in perfect V formation. With my recently trained quick reaction, I pointed my camera up, framed them so beautifully in my viewfinder, and CLICK. Shoot, my camera was turned off. Another quick reaction, I turned it back on and tried again… catching the tail end of the troop.

Here it is, better late than never:

Thanks to Alyce of At Home With Books for hosting Saturday Snapshot, let me have a chance to hone my eye-hand coordination.


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